Guiding Tomorrow: Navigating with Informed Foresight

Insights from Leading Futurists

Navigating the unpredictable requires a robust foresight strategy. In collaboration with our partner, Futures Platform, we provide a comprehensive solution for strategic foresight, encompassing vital processes and offering extensive resources curated by the world’s leading futurists. From horizon scanning and innovation scouting to constructing strategic scenarios and fostering foresight thinking, we handle each aspect thoughtfully. Our approach not only enhances foresight capabilities but also empowers organizations towards informed decision-making and sustainable growth.

Our experts have in depth understanding of the Middle East and services are offered in Arabic and English.

How can we help you?

Horizon Scanning Tool

All you need in making sense of the future

  • Everything you need for effective horizon scanning
  • 1000+ analyses of future trends, innovations & disruptions
  • 1M+ news signals auto-detected by AI
  • Visualise, analyse and share future views

Complete Foresight Solution

Operate and develop all key elements of the foresight process

  • Horizon scanning, trend monitoring and innovation scouting
  • Building future views in alternate context
  • In-depth research on future phenomena
  • Building and working with strategic scenarios
  • Monitoring signals and key changes
  • Facilitating and fostering foresight thinking

Consulting Services

Versatile consulting services to improve your foresight maturity that are designed to orient your team around a shared vision of preferable futures for your organisation and help you build winning strategies to actively shape the future. 

Whether you want to get quick results with our platform, build long-term foresight capability and processes in your organisation, or any other special needs in between, an experienced team of futurists, economists and foresight consultants are there to help and augment your team.

Onboarding & Customer Support

An experienced team of futurists, economists and foresight consultants are there to help and augment your team – whether it’s about getting quick results with the foresight platform and content, building long-term foresight capability and processes in your organization, or any other special needs in between. All our subscriptions also include standard onboarding and support by Foresight Experts in our Customer Success Team. 

Case Studies & Best Practices

Tackling Future Competence Needs

The Southwest Finland Foresight Academy uses Futures Platform to forecast future educational needs across a wide range of professions and boost regional competence.

Strategy Development and Execution

When Dr. Yousif Rashid Matar Al Zaabi decided to set up a foresight function for his government department, he wanted to invite external stakeholders also to take part. But how to get them interested, and how to coordinate such a large-scale group effort? The answer was Futures Platform, where the healthcare professionals of the entire emirate of Abu Dhabi joined forces to work on foresight and build a vision of the future.

Generative AI and the Future of Foresight

How can AI enhance – and perhaps disrupt – the landscape of foresight work in the years and decades ahead?

We dive deep into local problems, navigate cultural nuances, and operate effortlessly in Arabic, English and Finnish making sure our solutions are effective, fitting, and mindful of the distinct context we’re in


In a rapidly evolving world, the importance of future skills and adaptability can’t be overstated. Education isn’t just about imparting knowledge; it’s about shaping individuals who can thrive in an unforeseeable future


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