Partnerships that make a real difference.

Local wisdom,
global links.

At EHF, we team up with leading partners from Finland in the fields of education, skills development and foresight. Our role? More than a bridge, we’re the essential local touch, bringing first-rate global solutions and reshaping them for the Middle East. We dive deep into local problems, navigate cultural nuances, and operate effortlessly in Arabic, English and Finnish making sure our solutions are effective, fitting, and mindful of the distinct context we’re in.

Fully owned by the University of Helsinki, HY+ offers global continuing education and development services. All services are devised in close collaboration with specialists from the University of Helsinki’s internationally esteemed and highly ranked Faculty of Educational Sciences. Boasting an extensive, evidence-based track record, HY+ provides sustainable and scalable education solutions, ranging from reform projects to brief trainings for governments, institutions, and individuals.

EHF has collaborated with HY+ for years, focusing on the professional development and upskilling of educational leaders and teachers in the Gulf region. This partnership has yielded numerous successful projects, leaving a lasting impact in the region.

Futures platform is the all-in-one solution for strategic foresight. It is the leading global resource for future trends, scenarios, and long-term change, continuously updated by a team of leading futurists. It includes comprehensive visual & collaborative foresight tools for the benefit of foresight, innovation, risk and strategy teams, as well as executives, board professionals, and consultants. With 1500+ in-depth analyses of future phenomena and scenarios, it cover virtually all key domains in business, technology, and society.

EHF has been collaborating with Futures Platform in regional projects both in Arabic and English offering a diverse array of consulting services together with the team of experienced futurists and consultants in foresight capability development.

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